Why identifying core values is a crucial step in the coaching process?

Core values are important because they influence our choices in critical areas of our lives such as career, and relationship and other lifetime goals.

Unfortunately most people don’t know what their core values are and they end up doing things that make them unhappy such as doing jobs they don’t like or being in unhealthy relationships.

They might have decent jobs and a sweet family and lovely friends but they feel that something is missing in their lives and the reason is most likely because some of their core values are not being met

Many people don’t know what is important to them instead they focus on what society, culture and media feed them

So the first step in a coaching process is to help clients identify what their core values are,

Identifying core value can be quite difficult because we sometime think some things are important to us which are not our values but given to us by our entourage such as our parents our teachers or friends

Values provide direction and help people connect to what really matter . When values are identified we can move forward with purpose, but when we do things that don’t match our values, we create a gap between what we desire and what we achieve

People must have values that they should honor to lead a happy and stress-free life

Example of values

Honesty, Responsibility,Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, Affection, Learning, Humor, Consistency,

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