There is nothing in the world that hold us back as much as our limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are our worst enemy. They are things that we believe are true about yourself, about others, or about the world that limits us and hold us back from taking chances and keep us stuck focusing on the negative aspect of our circumstances.

Limiting beliefs are hard to spot and most people don’t think they have them. They are sneaky. They happen quietly behind the scene and underneath the surface.

To discover them we must pay attention to patterns and see how our negative beliefs about yourself and about the world around us were keeping us from creating the life we desired. Discovering we have limiting beliefs is such a huge step forward, it’s enough just to become aware of them and to drag them out into the light, decide they are not worth keeping around and install a new, more empowering belief in their place

One way to replace them is to create affirmations that help us to retrain the negative pattern that takes place in our heads through that little voice we call the saboteur. Repeat the affirmations daily to help it take root, and take actions to start living it The saboteur deliberately obstructs our goals. It can suck the positive energy. It usually pop up at the most inconvenient times to say “you are not good enough”, “you are not smart enough” or “that’s too risky for you”,

The Saboteur is part of us, but it is not who we are. We have to acknowledge our saboteur and become friends. We have to understand why it does what it does. We have to turn the saboteur into the supporter. Whenever you have questions or statements in our head such such as: Everyone is better than me, ahead of me, smarter than me. How dare I think this was okay. I’m just going to fail – again Been here, done that…It’ll never work… Become aware of how it feels to listen to the saboteur and go through those feelings and feel the anguish and notice if what you are hearing is a judgment against you? Negative criticism? Who does this come from? Is it from your parents, relatives, teacher, boss, religious, authority? Then notice if you hear a voice inside you cheering you on, celebrating your efforts and praising your success. Then question. For each negative thought you become aware of, ask if it’s true or not. Are you really lazy, stupid, a looser? Then talk back to the Saboteur! Thank the saboteur for trying to protect you from “failure.” Inform the Saboteur that the old way isn’t working for you anymore and tell the supporter you are ready to be more, do more, and have more. You are ready to take risks to follow your dreams and have the happy purposeful and fulfilling life you deserve

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