Career Coaching

How can I help you?

My coaching practice is based on “co-active” coaching and various other coaching methodologies I researched and studied during the last 12 years. I came up with a style on how to help you identify your values so as to choose a career that is fulfilling and to live a purposeful, abundant and beautiful life.

During the coaching sessions, I will establish a collaborative relationship with you to effectively motivate and inspire you to find your own answers and encourage and support you as you make choices to become more aligned with your values.

Why I am a good Coah?

I am good because I’m a good listener, I am not judgmental and I am a compassionate person

I am also very familiar with HR issues thanks to my 16 years experience as an HR and recruiting consultant

Co-Active Model

Once you identify your values we can easily uncover your personal authentic vocation

Then we will set goals and will work together to achieve these goals based on the Co-Active Model

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