Hi, I’m Adel,

I will inspire you, support you, and motivate you to stretch and become the very best version of you and achieve your dreams to live a purposeful, abundant and beautiful life.

I will identify your core values and together we will empower you to take action to achieve a purposeful, abundant and beautiful life.”

Meet Me


Video Script


My name is Adel Cheffi and I am a Life Coach specialized in Career Coaching, Expat  coaching ad Wellbeing Coaching

I am going to briefly talk about my coaching approach and introduce myself in this video

I came to Japan in 1986 as an exchange student and after completing a master degree in Electronic Engineering I joined a multinational Japanese manufacturing company where I worked for 12 years.

The first 6 years as a System Engineer and the last 6 years in International Marketing.

The International Marketing part I enjoyed very much. I learned a lot about business and corporate culture. I got to travel and I went to countries where I would have never been if it was not for business. Countries like Syria and Yemen those 2 countries which we talk about recently in the news.

After 12 years I reached a point where I was stuck and I didn’t know what to do.

I was questioning if this is it, if this is how it’s gonna be my life. I had a big question mark andI didn’t have the answer.

I wish I had a coach at that time to help me and inspire me and support me.

I quit my job and during 2 years I didn’t do much.  I traveled. I ,lived on my saving. I went back to Tunisia and started a business that didn’t go well. I came back to Japan and the first thing I did I went a headhunting company looking for a job. The interviewer asked me if I want to join their firm. I didn’t hesitate because I learned that the job is about networking. It’s about people skills. It’s about sales and I had all these skills and I started. Did that for about14 years .

It was mostly fun. I had a lot of free time. I made the number. I became a senior consulting after 6 months. But again the question still there. If this is it? This is it?

I came across coaching one day and it resonated with me so much because again I’ve been told that it’s about connection  and it’s for somebody who has compassion. Who is a good listener. Who wants to help people and all that’s what resonated with me.

I went to a couple of workshop in England  then I joined a course and studied and got a Certificate in 2008. At that time I was doing really well at my job, I was rocking. I made the numbers again and made a lot of money.  It was so hard for me to step out of that  comfort zone  and I keep working but not really sure if this is the thing.

The last 2 years things stood to happen and I saw it as a sign that I have to move on and start the thing that always passioned me; which is coaching the YourDreams happened thanks to the help my friends who did the website. Who did the French and Japanese translations. Who helped with the SEO. All the support and love at that time and still going on and I am so thankful for and grateful for these people who help made this YourDreams happens.

So Coaching is my passion. Coaching resonated with me the first time I heard about it and I understood that I have all the skills needed to be a good Coach like I am a good listener. I have no judgment.  I have compassion and my greatest desire in this world is to help people and if I know that I can inspire people. I can support people to get a better life.

My Coaching Approach is to start first to identify the values, because values is the most important important thing. We can have a happy life and be happy at our job only if whet we do matches our values.

So my approach is to make dreams which will turn into goals that will turn into actions and those actions will turn into a happy, and purposeful and fruitful life

This is my desire. This is what I want to do and this is what all YourDreams is about.

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